Hello! Bonjour! Xin Chào! 

I am a French-Vietnamese communicator, designer and educator passionate about food, technology and intercultural identity.

I am resourceful, organized and experienced in adapting to high-paced environments and demands. 
I love sharing my experiences and ideas with others to help inspire hospitality, conviviality + creativity.

I am familiar with disruptive innovation, technology trends, information systems, food, fashion, media and entertainment.

With 15 years experience in the event, communication and marketing industries, I am eager to develop new partnerships, nurture my current relationships and bring people together.

I hold degrees in both International Business Communication from CELSA Paris IV La Sorbonne (2006), and a Master of Fine Arts in Communication Design from the Dynamic Media Institute at Massachusetts College of Art + Design (2017). 

You can contact me for a coffee, tea or even share "un petit goûter" (French snack) or just to chat!
email me tutubui (a) gmail.com or via the form below. 


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